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fill your schedules with clinically appropriate patients

Use Carebot to catch-up your patient populations on:

  • Annual Wellness Visits
  • Follow-up office visits
  • Lab appointments
  • Cancer screenings (Mammograms, Colonoscopies)
  • Vaccines (Flu shots, COVID vaccines/boosters)
  • Blood pressure visits

without Carebot

❌ Significant potential revenue is lost without a robust and consistent outreach strategy

❌ More virtual visits, means less opportunity to close care gaps while in the office.

❌ Patient outreach is mostly done via phone (often ending in a voicemail!) costing significant time and money

❌ Patients forget that they are due for care causing a loss of potential revenue and poor patient care

❌ Multiple team members may be reaching out to the patient through multiple workflows to schedule care

with Carebot

✅  Outreach is automatic, so your schedule will be consistently full with patients in need of care

✅  Increase quality measures and care gap closure by giving patients a simple and convenient way to complete their care.

✅ Outreach is automated via a text message, so the patient can respond whenever is convenient for them

✅  Patients are given actionable reminders about their care to ensure they can easily remain on track.

✅  Use Carebot as your single outreach platform to ensure patients are not pestered with multiple outreach attempts.