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The All-In-One Solution for Administering Vaccines to your Populations

Carebot builds software to help healthcare organizations get COVID-19 vaccines to the people who need it most, while allowing the organization to continue to run smoothly.


COVID-19 vaccines without Carebot

Your call center is overwhelmed with calls about a COVID-19 vaccine.

❌ People calling in for a vaccine turns appointment scheduling into a free-for-all.

❌ People wait on hold for 1+ hour to schedule a vaccine appointment.

❌ Low priority individuals are scheduled before high priority individuals.

❌ People regularly miss a second dose or receive a second dose from the wrong manufacturer.

❌ People who don’t have access to your patient portal “fall through the cracks”.

COVID-19 vaccines with Carebot

✅  People text rather than call to get information on a vaccine.

✅  A wait list prioritized by ACIP guidelines is automatically created. Learn more.

✅  Appointments are scheduled without staff time. Learn more.

✅  The highest priority individuals get the vaccine first. Learn more.

✅  Automatically schedule people who need a second dose (by manufacturer). Learn more.

✅ By using text messages, a vaccine becomes more accessible.