Get your patients to take action on their care, automatically...

Carebot enables health systems to design, monitor, and optimize automated text message campaigns that motivate populations or individual patients to take action and improve their health.

See how text automation can significantly improve Influenza and COVID vaccination rates without asking your staff to make or take thousands of phone calls

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enable your patients to self serve without staff intervention 

We all know identifying & closing gaps in care is important. Patients benefit from better health, quality scores improve, and systems may see an increase in reimbursement. But, it comes at a steep cost to health systems.

your current process doesn't make the grade

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Registries require staff members to manually call patients or run non actionable campaigns that create more work for your staff.

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Patients are already inundated with emails. They're easy to ignore and difficult for patients to act on, often driving additional calls to your staff.

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Patients haven't adopted portals due to login friction and limited capabilities

Create campaigns in Carebot to:

Vaccinate patients (Influenza, COVID, Shingles, Well Child)

Help patients manage chronic conditions

Ensure patients complete preventative screenings

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Additional EMR integrations coming soon

Carebot connects to your EMR to automatically

⇒ Schedule Appointments

⇒ Create & Finalize Orders

⇒ Document Patient Information

⇒ and more