Schedule entirely via a text message

Scheduling vaccine appointments (one or two appointments) occurs through a series of text messages. Carebot offers dates, then times, and then the individual books. It’s that easy.
Individuals will receive a text outreach when it’s their turn to schedule
The highest priority individuals will receive a text outreach first, ensuring they can book first. Lower priority individuals cannot jump the line when booking via text message.
Everyone loves the simplicity
No one wants to call to schedule an appointment. Texting makes it easy!
Book in Your major electronic medical record systems
By using standard interfaces and/or APIs Carebot quickly integrates with your electronic medical record to directly book appointments.
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Titrate scheduling based on appointment availability

As you receive vaccine and have staff available, Carebot automatically detects available appointment slots and reaches out to the highest priority individuals.

Outreach based on manufacturer and first/second dosage

When individuals are in need of a second dose from a particular manufacturer, Carebot automatically reaches out to schedule so they don’t slip through the cracks.

Not booking appointments? 

If you don't plan on booking individual appointments, but want to arrange administrations by day or time slot, Carebot can be used for that, too.

get vaccinated elsewhere? 

Do you allow individuals to self-report vaccine administrations? If so, whenever Carebot outreaches, individuals will be allowed to report that they got a vaccine elsewhere. Carebot can also add the vaccine to the individual's history in your electronic medical record.
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