Schedule entirely through text message

Scheduling appointments occurs through a series of text messages. Carebot offers dates, then times, and then the individual books. It’s that easy.
patients receive a text message when they are due for care
Keep it simple with text message scheduling
Book Appointments directly in major electronic medical record systems
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Open slots and they will get filled

Any appointment that can be scheduled can be filled by Carebot including:
  • Annual Wellness Visits
  • Follow-up office visits
  • Lab appointments
  • Cancer screenings (Mammograms, Colonoscopies)
  • Vaccines (Flu shots, COVID vaccines/boosters)
  • Blood pressure visits

How carebot finds patents to fill the schedule

patients indentified directly from emr
Carebot will schedule patients most in need based on data (problem list, medications, etc) from your electronic medical record.
Appointment ticklers specified by the provider
During the patient visit, the provider will indicate a "return to office" interval via an appointment tickler. As patients become due, they will receive outreach.
Same day cancellations
As cancellations occur, patients scheduled further out are bumped into the slot to keep up the schedule density.
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